#DFCconnect For Lebanon

Connecting children to listen, share and get inspired

Beirut blast on the 4th of August 2020.

You might have heard about the blast through the media, someone has told you about it, or you might have directly witnessed it. We, adults and children all around the world, have lived this tragic event at different levels, but one thing unites us: our humanity.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to introduce difficult concept in a soft way to our children.
Link to the book The DAY the World went BOOM.

Quick background check on the impact of the blast in numbers

Facilitated sessions

2 free sessions each week in October November and December The first session will start the week of the 12th of October 2020

Register your child for the sessions TODAY!

The sessions are FREE to attend. Children engage with other children from Lebanon and other countries in meaningful conversations, that are apolitical and child age appropriate.

Sessions are facilitated by experienced moderators. A structured conversation flow has been designed that takes the children from recognizing their ‘feelings’ to ‘imagining’ possibilities and ‘sharing’ views in the situation. We seek parental / guardian permission for every child attending our facilitated sessions. For more information write to us at dfc.leb@gmail.com Please register below. Choose Lebanon Registration form if you live in Lebanon, otherwise please fill the ‘Other Countries’ form.

For schools or any other organized group of children

If a group of children would like to participate through your school or your organization please contact Nada at the following email address: dfc.leb@gmail.com For a school or a group in any other country wanting to participate to a session, please refer to your DFC country partner.